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Here at Home Pool Tables Scotland we’re the proud holders of Scotland’s largest collection of snooker tables for the home. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your perfect snooker table.

Visit our Hamilton showroom today where we’ll make your dream a reality. We stock more varieties of snooker and pool tables than any other showroom in Scotland. We provide you with tables of the highest quality in a variety of wood finishes and cloth covers. Choose from a number of table sizes including full sized competition snooker tables suitable for seasoned professionals. Perfect for the home of any snooker enthusiast.

Our snooker tables are the ideal centrepiece to your games room. Sophisticated and elegantly designing and constructed from solid timber, our Snooker tables will be timeless addition to your home. Every element of our tables radiates quality and incredible attention to detail.

Our Snooker Tables

Snooker Tables

Aristocrat Diner
From £2,850.00

Pool / Snooker Table Room Size Guide

Table Type Using 48" Cue Using 54" Cue Using 57" Cue
  Inches cm Inches cm Inches cm
6x3 Pool Table 162x132 411x335 174x144 442x366 180x150 457x381
7x4 Pool Table 171x135 434x343 183x147 465x373 189x163 480x389
8x4 Pool Table 183x141 465x358 195x153 495x389 201x168 511x427
7ft American 179x139 455x353 191x151 485x384 197x151 500x427
8ft American 188x144 478x366 200x156 508x396 206x162 523x411
9ft American 200x149 508x378 212x161 538x409 218x167 554x424
6x3 Snooker Table 168x132 427x335 180x144 457x366 186x150 472x381
7x3'6" Snoker Table 180x138 457x351 192x150 488x381 198x156 503x396
8x4 Snooker Table 192x144 489x366 204x156 518x396 210x162 533x411
9x4'6" Snoker Table 204x150 518x381 216x162 549x411 222x168 564x427
10x5 Snooker Table 216x156 549x396 228x168 579x427 234x174 594x442
12x6 Snooker Table 240x168 610x427 252x180 640x457 258x186 655x472

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